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Unless noted otherwise, we meet at these locations for trail work:

Willow River Mountain Bike Trailhead here.
Kinnickinnic Red Trail Trailhead here.

Please contact us with any questions at wikimtnbike@gmail.com.

Summer 2023 Projects

This year we are hard at work doing some maintenance on existing trails but also building additional new trails.  Trail work in 2023 is mainly focusing on Willow River State Park but there are some enhancements taking place at Kinnickinnic State Park as well.


Howlin' Coyote Downhill - Willow River State Park

This project will be the downhill portion of the popular uphill.  The new trail will start immediately at the end of Howlin' Coyote and make it's way back down to the start of the existing trail.  Along the way there are sure to be plenty of berms, jumps and other features that will bring a smile to your face.  Excavation and trail finishing work is currently underway with crews working several nights during the week.


"Bird" trails buildout - Willow River State Park

With assistance from TrailSource, a Minnesota based trail building and consulting company, and through funding obtained by an RTP grant, we will be building out an additional 10 miles of trails over the next two years.  

These trails are what we are calling the "Bird" trails with the first being named Hawkeye and it is currently under construction.  All of these trails will be located in the northern section of the park an will be accessed from the Nelson Farm Road Trailhead.

Crews are working several nights a week to finish the trail behind the excavator.  These xc type trails will take advantage of the terrain in this untouched and very wooded portion of the State Park.


Kinnickinnic State Park Projects

Several small trail projects have already been completed this year including turf stone installations.  These are in areas which are notoriously sandy and soft.  Thanks to our hard working crews the stones have been hauled into the site and laid in these sandy sections.