WIKI Mountain Bike Club is part of The Friends of Willow River and Kinnikinic State Parks.  A 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  

2024 Fundraising

The trails at Willow River and Kinnikinic need your support!  This year we built 9 miles of trail between the parks and our goal is to add between 6-8 miles next season!  This will include more single-track, more flow, new technical trails,  and more!  This past year we had over 3000 hours of volunteer love go into these trails. We are committed to even more next season to achieve our goals. Please help us get to our goal of $75,000 to build these great trails here in the metro area.

 There are many ways you can contribute to the trails:

Join and become a member : Click Here

Donate directly through our website : Click Here


Please mail large donations ($500+) directly to:  

WIKI Mountain Bike Club  

C/O Willow River State Park 

1034 Co. Rd. A  Hudson, WI 54016




Other Donations

Stock Donations – A donation of this nature is tax deductible at the appreciated value.

Employer Matching Contributions – Many businesses will match employees’ donations made to qualified tax-exempt organizations like WIKI.  Check with your employer’s Human Resources, Corporate Giving, or other appropriate department to see if this is an option.

Family Foundations – If your family has a philanthropic foundation, WIKI welcomes and encourages your support.

Estate Planning – Please consider including WIKI in your estate plan. Funding from estate plans will aid WIKI in establishing and maintaining an endowment and reserve fund to insure the long term stability of the legacy of WIKI trails.

    How Your Donation Will Be Used

    WIKI has a goal to build one of the best singletrack networks in the nation. Your donation helps fund our trail development and maintenance efforts, which includes renting equipment, contracting builders, funding crews and purchasing supplies, tools and materials to achieve our goals. With your help, our trails will provide the community FUN for years to come.