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Tool donations are NOT shipped to you! WIKI MTB CLUB will use your cash to purchase the tools for trail building 

Building mountain bike trails is a very labor intensive task. Having the right tools can really help the process go a lot quicker and also be less impactful on the environment. A lot of tools that are used for trail building are not available at your local hardware store.  They are specifically designed for the tasks of shaping, smoothing and building features

Over the years we have worked on trails all around the Midwest. Tool quality is very important and we intend to have high use tools include very durable parts. Fiberglass Handles for example last much longer than wooden handles on swinging and cutting tools.  High quality saws and powertools last longer and are easier to maintain.  

YOU can donate directly to the Tool Shed by adding one of the items to your cart and paying for it.  WIKI will purchase the tools you have donated the funds for and send you a cool Trail Supporter sticker to proudly display.

The pictures of the products are not necessarily the exact product in some cases, if you would like to direct the group as to what brand of product you would prefer to donate please contact us directly through our contact form or email. 

NOTE : Once a tool is "Sold Out" it means that the number needed has been donated!